Lifestyle Bakery

Lifestyle Bakery has been established for more than 10 years and is a market leader in creating and providing a unique selection of high quality bread and other baked goods.

They have three ranges, Sprouted Grain, Wheat Alternative and Gluten Free as listed below.

Sprouted Grain Range

  • SG Spelt Loaf (540g)
  • SG Rye & Spelt Loaf (540g)
  • SG Ancient Grain Loaf (540g)
  • SG Spelt & Chia Seed Loaf (540g)

Wheat Alternative Range

  • WA Org/Sp Lin & Rye Loaf (450g)
  • WA Org/Sp Chia Quinoa Seed (450g)

Gluten Free Range

  • LS GF Super Soft White Loaf (400g)
  • LS GF Multigrain Loaf (400g)
  • LS GF Superseed Loaf (400g)
  • LS GF Spicy Fruit Loaf (400g)
  • LS GF Pizza Bases (2pk 300g )
  • LS GF White Rolls (4)
  • LS GF Dinner Rolls (6)
  • LS GF Hot Cross Buns (4) (350g)
  • LS GF Bread Crumbs (350g)
  • LS GF Herb & Lemon Coating Mix (250g)