Healthybake Bakery

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Healthybake is an Australian family owned business that produces a range of organic healthy breads, including wheat alternative and gluten free which are suitable for people with food sensitivities.

They bake with ancient grains including spelt, khorasan, oat, millet, barley and rye and more recently developed Superfoods, high protein and FODMAP friendly organic breads.

Breads Available

  • HB Organic Protein Sourdough (600g)
  • HB Organic Superfoods Sourdough (600g)
  • HB Org Quinoa Sourdough (600g)
  • HB Oat, Date Chia Sourdough (600g)
  • HB Org Hemp Sourdough (600g)
  • HB Org Omega Boost Sourdough (600g)
  • HB Org Spelt Breadcrumbs (500g)
  • HB Org Khorasan Breadcrumbs (500g)
  • HB Organic Rye Sourdough Grid (700g)
  • HB Org Spelt Bread White (680g)
  • HB Org Spelt Wholemeal (680g)
  • HB Org Spelt Whole Grain (680g)
  • HB Org Spelt White Rolls (6 pack)
  • HB Org Spelt Wholemeal Rolls (6 pack)
  • HB Org Spelt Pizza Base (300g)
  • HB Org Sesame Spelt (600g)
  • HB Org White Khorasan Bread (680g)
  • HB Org W/Meal Khorasan Bread (680g)
  • HB Org Ancient Grains & Seed (550g)
  • HB Org Wholemeal Ancient Grain (550g)
  • HB Org Ancient Grain Mini Rolls (12)
  • HB Org Oat Cob (600g)
  • HB Org Oat Multigrain (700g)
  • HB Org Yarra Valley Light Rye (700g)
  • HB Org Spelt Fruit Bun (6)
  • HB Rye Fruit Nut Seed (650g)
  • HB Org Spelt Fruit Loaf (500g)
  • HB Org Khorasan Fruit Buns (6pk)
  • HB Org Khorasan Pizza Bases (2pk)
  • HB Org Rye & Caraway (600g)
  • HB Org Farmhouse Rye (600g)
  • HB Org Millet (with Spelt) (600g)
  • HB Org Multigrain Spelt Wholemeal (700g)
  • HB Org Bavarian Sourdough (600g)
  • HB Organic Oatbran (600g)
  • HB Org Oat Date & Chia Hot Cross Buns (6pk)
  • HB Org Khorasan Hot Cross Buns (6pk)
  • HB Org Rye Hot Cross Buns (6)
  • HB Org Wheat Hot Cross Buns (6)
  • HB Org Spelt Fruitless Hot Cross Buns (6)
  • HB Org Spelt Hot Cross Buns (6)
  • HB Org Spelt Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns (6)
  • HB Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns (4)
  • HB Org Spelt Cranberry White Choc Hot Cross Buns (6)
  • HB Org Seven Seed Cob (600g)
  • HB Org Khorasan Rolls (6) (500g)
  • HB Org Khorasan/Seed Bread (700g)
  • HB Org Wholemeal Rye Bread (800g)
  • HB Org Emmer Bread (700g)
  • HB Org Emmer Wholemeal Bread (700g)
  • HB Org Emmer Multiseed Bread (700g)

Flours Available

  • Organic Spelt White (1kg)
  • Organic Spelt Wholemeal (1kg)
  • Organic Khorasan White (1kg)
  • Organic Khorasan Wholemeal (1kg)
  • Organic Emmer White (1kg)
  • Dry Active Yeast (500g)