Dovedale Bread

Dovedale Bread produces gluten free organic breads with no added yeast and uses the traditional method of leaven fermentation.

All of the Dovedale Bread Range is made using only certified organic and GE free grains, fruits and stone-ground flours. They use only filtered water, sea salt and natural ingredients and are free of bakers yeast, dairy products and sugar.

Breads Available

  • DOV GF Rice Chia Bread (640g)
  • DOV GF Fruit Rice Chia Bread (620g)
  • DOV Wheat Free Rye Chia Bread (620g)
  • DOV GF Rice Chia Pizza Base (300g)
  • DOV GF Multiseed Chia Bread (620g)
  • DOV GF Rice Chia Buns – 3 pk (315g)
  • DOV GF Fruit Chia Buns (6 pk)
  • DOV CHIA-Batta Parcels (3 pk)
  • DOV GF Hi FIBRE CHIA Brd (620g)
  • DOV GRF OLIVE/RMary CHIA (640g)
  • DOV GF BANANA CHIA Loaf (750g)