Culina Bakery

Culina Bakery provides a healthy and delicious range or ORGANIC, BIODYNAMIC, single grain and nutritious breads.

These unique breads are suitable to many people with specific dietary requirements and are also sought after for their quality and wholesome flavour.

Bread Varieties Available

  • CUL Org Rye Sliced (700g)
  • CUL Org Rye Unsliced (700g)
  • CUL Org Rye Multigrain (700g)
  • CUL Org Oat Bread (700g)
  • CUL Organic Fruit Loaf (700g)
  • CUL Organic Spelt (700g)
  • CUL Org Rice Bread (700g)
  • CUL Org Millet Bread (700g)
Culina Bakery Bread Range