Alex’s Wuppertaler and Rye Bakery

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Established by Alex and Margaret Reich in the early 1980s, Alex’s Wuppertaler and Rye Bakery is one of Melbourne’s first sourdough bakeries, and continues with a cult following to this day.

Bread Varieties Available

  • WUP Devon Sliced (900g)
  • WUP Devon Unsliced (900g)
  • WUP Cob Sliced (900g)
  • WUP Cob Unsliced (900g)
  • WUP Fruit Loaf Sliced (680g)
  • WUP Fruit Loaf Unsliced (680g)
  • WUP Rye Fruit Buns (6 pack)
  • WUP Riota Sliced (900g)
  • WUP Salad Rolls (6 pack)
  • WUP Crescent Rolls (6 pack)

  • WUP Hamburger Rolls (6 pack)
  • WUP Organic Bread (900g)
  • WUP Swiss Sauer Rye Sliced (650g)
  • WUP Schwartzbrot Unsliced (1350g)
  • WUP Soya Lin Rye Sliced (680g)
  • WUP Organic Sourdough Rolls (6 pack)
  • WUP Org Roasted Seed Bread (680g)
  • WUP Org Roasted Seed Rolls (3pk)
  • WUP Rye Sourdough Hot Cross Buns (6 pack)
  • WUP Rye Pumpkin Bread (450g)

Alex Wuppertaler range of fantastic tasty breads, available from Dolphin Distributors.